Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to supply anything?
A. No. Just like a Salon, Hair at Home supplies everything form the shampoos to the towels. All we require is a clean working area with hot and cold water.

Q. How do you wash my hair?
A. Hair at Home has a portable basin that fits in your bathroom.

Q. Does it cost more to use a mobile service?
A. No. Hair at Home costs about the same as a regular salon for hairdressing services. The only exception is that being a mobile service, a travel fee may apply.

Q. Is there any service you cannot perform?
A. No. As long as there is power and hot and cold running water, Hair at Home can provide a full range of Salon Services in your own home.

Q. Does it take longer than in the Salon?
A. No. The service is actually quicker than in a regular salon because you’re the only client we have to focus on. This means that there is no time wasted waiting for your stylist to finish another client. You have our full attention from start to finish.